Nobody gets through life without help. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge those who were key to my career as an artist. Although there are others who currently represent me, these three individuals were instrumental in contributing their support from the beginning.




From childhood, Ellen encouraged all of my attempts at creating images, and began paying for art lessons when I was twelve years old. As a single parent, she gave up her own aspirations as a pianist and singer, to provide a home and stability for both of us. We could talk about anything, and she instilled values and lessons which have guided me successfully through life. In later years she wrote two books and made several CD's. She continued to encourage me until she passed away in 2017 at age 92.



 JAMES JULIUS KILLOUGH (Architect, Collector, Art Dealer)


J.J., as he was known to his friends, was not only a successful architect in Hong Kong, but in Houston when he returned home to Texas. He also represented a number of prominent Houston artists, so I was fortunate that he decided to represent my work beginning in 1975. He was very successful in placing most of my work, and he also added some to his own collection. I miss his wit and sense of humor. Unfortunately, J.J. passed away in 2012.



 HARRISON ITZ (Owner of Harris Gallery, Houston)


Harrison and I met in 1981, when he visited my studio right after I obtained my master's degree. At the time, I had only one painting to show him. He represented me for 34 years until he retired in 2015. When I stopped teaching in 1990, he began paying me a stipend for an extended period of time. I was one of several artists he did that with, which was very unique. That practice is generally unheard of today. 


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