Artist Statement


"Texas Aesthetic X", William Reaves/Sarah Foltz Fine Art, Houston, TX


Over the years I have explored a variety of subjects and used different methods and materials to illustrate my ideas. Both sides of my family arrived in Colorado during the 1800's. My mother's side became ranchers. My father's family came from Scotland in the 1750's and were farmers. I was born in Colorado and grew up in both New Mexico and Texas. Those ties and experiences, including hispanic and native american cultures have influenced my work.  


Those formative years filled me with a love for the West, and helped to shape my vision. There is an honesty about that subject, and being from early pioneer families legitimizes my involvement. These are the places where stories originated and where the ruins remain. I continually return to these places to feel inspired and rejuvenated. 


 In painting terms I am a "realist". One art critic described me as a "hyper realist". My work takes time to produce, because I’m more concerned with quality rather than quantity. I use professional grade materials, and have custom stretchers or panels made for maximum stability. I prepare each surface I paint on by hand to obtain the feel I like, and in the final stages, use glazes to add luminosity. I work from life, not from photographs. Therefore, I continually search for and collect items that can be used for my subjects. 




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